I expected these stocks to get obliterated at the end of the year, not this fast, its incredible that these deals were allowed to happen. If stocks were vacuum cleaners, these back names and recent ipos would have been recalled and you get their money back, you should be getting it back, but caveat empty is the only rule in the used space lot. What else? Yesterday we saw a bunch of oil stocks, we sold them for the chapel trust, and i, like oil dont, get me wrong. As i explained last night, that oil rally was too good to be true. We didnt stress about whether oil was going up because of iran or russia or europe. We just fell back on our discipline, which is what were urging you to do. The discipline says the bulls make money bears make money but hogs. Today the oils entered the slaughterhouse and came out as a combination of real bad hot dogs and shredded chuck more paint ahead, because these can now be knocked over by a feather. How is that possible? Well, the pattern here is that, after these big declines in crude analysts then go negative, because the oil stocks are in the end of the day, commodity players, when the commodity turns down theyre, often one way tickets to a real bad upton sinclair novel. That does not hold up. I expect to slip down great its just tomorrow, then theres tech. Now this hurt this morning, city group, put out a piece saying: semis might have another 25 decline off theyre, already miserable existences, an okay market that coal would have been ignored or yawned back in this market.

It became an inexorable road map. Doesnt help that the taiwanese are shooting the chinese drones trying to retaliate that could mess up the whole tech supply chain beyond hardware. The software, as the gut punch stocks, keeps seeing the outside coffers so far as the service. So if theres, a gut punch, even the ones that are proper, getting hit now now, unlike all the other securities ive mentioned, i think many of these will eventually bounce back as long as they make money ill. Buy the oils to pay good dividends will also bounce back. You just need to leg into both and right into the pure panic getting there should i even mention retail. You want some coals sold to you, walmarts back to where it was when it reported that so called blowout quarter at least best buys holding up. I am letting the meemsters gamble on bed beth and beyond, because thats just a giant roulette table, although if it were me, i put my money on double zero. I think its a better investment. I often think that bed bath sounds like a. I dont like a a horse that came up lame. So where do all these selling avalanches put us look? Fed chief jay pal told us that we need to stop doing stupid things with our money. That was the real thrust of a speech on friday. Hes going to bring the pain until it puts an end to the gambling. Of course.

Hell also hurt some good investments in the process, not just the chits at the dog track, but we cant thats thats a crypto dog track like used to be the wonderland, zion kennels theyre total winners, but we wont see the end of this decline until we get As a giant washout of all things that are speculative, that dont make money, this is what it looks like when the fed gets serious. This is the charnel house. What matters is that we just have to get through it intact. Dont get me dont, get smacked and dont get cryptoed and youll get through this ticket and find yourself in a much better time when we are sufficiently oversold for huge bats. Something has happened were getting very close to if you follow the oscillator that i do bottom line, and this is really important. I need you to stay the heck away from unprofitable junk profitable is fine oil spot proper oil, profitable, techs fine. I need you to stay away from the stored out specs the ridiculous ipos and get ready dogecoin polka dot die polygon, sheba avalanche, uniswap, cosmos, golem, old golem optimism, kyber tribe, request rally, my neighbor alice league of kingdoms and a couple of other really solid investments that I can get you as long as you like, blockchain theres, no point to any of this stuff beyond separating you from your money. Dont miss a second of mad money. Follow at jim kramer on twitter have a question: tweet kramer, hashtag mad tweets, send jim an email to mad money at cnbc.

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