Bitcoin: This Is Crypto's MACRO Bottom Signal.

A couple of months ago, I shared my thoughts on where I believe the bear Market would end now. Bitcoin has recently entered that window of the end of the bear market. So in this video here were going to be revisiting the question of the cycle. Low is it in? Do we have more […]

Bitcoin: Crypto Sell Off Starts! What Can Stop It? (Trap Update)

As for me, ive had a fantastic morning. Getting the sweat on spend time with loved ones got a good breakfast in. I hope. Youre doing the same thing: todays video im, extremely excited ive not even had a coffee, and it is 1 30 p.m. Bitcoin is the trap validated or invalidated. Ethereum merge, […]


Se lancent dans une technologie qui a fait ses preuves o il commence faire ses preuves sur. I terium on va aussi parler de sohar 2 celsius et dun piratage donc pour ceux qui connaissent pas la chane tous les jours, je fais une synthse des mers actualit du jour sur les crypto hsitez pas […]

Will the Fed crash the crypto markets? | Interview with Lyn Alden

The federal reserves fight against inflation is far from over. In his latest speech, defense chair, jerome powell vowed to continue tightening monetary policies in order to kill demand and tame rising prices. But how effective are these policies, if you dont, fix the supply side? It you know its hard to have disinflationary growth. […]

BREAKING! Terra Luna Classic 10X IS COMING SOON!

So, as we can clearly see here within the Terra Luna classic ecosystem, when did we have the most recent pump in the last 30 days here? Well, of course, very recently here we had an absolutely amazing at 50 run. In fact, this is just in the last 24 hours, but very slightly before […]

Jim Cramer: I Was Wrong About Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin & Ethereum to ZERO?!)

Anymore, wont need or maybe shouldnt. I think its time. We start questioning the fundamentals of crypto. Yes welcome, back everybody to altcoin daily my names austin. I want to share this video with you in full. This is cnbcs jim cramer, officially on record that cryptocurrency is bad and he should have never invested […]

Paraguay President Vetoes Crypto Bill

Its a real political discussion about whether bitcoin fits in the economic landscape of a country thats, frankly relatively clear, eyed about what the opportunities and challenges are and ill. Take that conversation 100 times out of 100 instead of whether bad guys are gon na use it for their nefarious purposes. Welcome back to […]