Bitcoin last night got up all the way to 24 000. was it 24, 000 or 23 800 yeah, 23, 800 and the whole Market is getting a little bit crazy right. It makes me very uncomfortable to see how bullish, basically, everyone is on Twitter, apart from some of the people that I follow that seem to be on the same wavelength as me. A lot of people are very bullish, were seeing a lot of videos about 100x coins and uh tweets about 100 XD gen, its small cap, all coin gems that are going to go to the moon and stuff. And although I do think that thats very much possible, I think that were gon na have another little bit of a crash, another nuke here in the market, just because it makes me feel really uncomfortable how bullish everyone is, of course, as you know here, on the Channel, I never claim to know whats gon na happen right. I dont know whats gon na happen, thats. Why? In todays video? What I want to talk to you about is my plan for, if the market nukes or if the market continues to go up right, thats. What I want to discuss today with that said, my God, is it so cold here, its so cold again and uh? Yes, my last full day here in England, Ill be traveling again tomorrow, but yabarin lets go through it. First of all, what have I done today? I have taken some profits from my more risky plays that weve been talking about here on the channel talking about a few different risky plays talking about old coins that have been small cap, whatever, whatever youve been getting involved in recently totally up to you, what you Do but for me, Ive closed a little bit of this profit, because weve seen some really really good profits.

So Ive closed out enough to protect my initial Investments on a number of these coins and uh yeah. I think thats what Im doing now in the short term now whats to be said about where the Markets going next. So if the market continues to rise from here number one, I will not be fomoing into anything that Ive taken profits from right, because the reason I took profit was to protect myself and to carry that cash into other opportunities. So if the market – oh, my hair, is just so ridiculous if the market continues to Pump from here its happy days, because Ive only taken some profits, I still have my bag Im still ready to go to the Moon. If thats, what happens right, but if the market pumps from here no fomo, I wont be going. Oh no. I missed out on these games because I got profit. We never know In This Moment exactly where were gon na go so thats, something that Ive trained myself to do from losing so much money in 2018, Ive trained myself to not feel fomo. If I make a decision, I make that decision and I stick with it, but from there Ive taken that profit and I will be uh continuing to dollar cost average when we reach piece uh P time in the market, when we are fearful again right, even if We continue to head up now, Bitcoin may head up higher or even where were in right.

Now we may head into extreme for about dropping too low. That could be an opportunity dollar cost average. Now we have our large cap altcoins. We also have some of our smaller caps. I will continue to dollar cost average into these, even if we continue to go up, but in these moments, when the market comes down right, when we have nice pullbacks, we may be in one of those pullbacks right now. For Bitcoin, but the overall sentiment in the market is still too euphoric for me to be really buying anything that I would be dollar cost averaging into thats. How? I really do it um, I dont, normally dollar cost average on a time frame. I know a lot of my friends and a lot of people just do Bitcoin every week or whatever, but I would rather just buy heavy when the market is scared, so continuing to dollar cost average and not having any fomo, because there are so many opportunities in This market and we will be finding them right Im here, every day, searching Im just trying to find gems Im trying to find everything. There will be other opportunities, so me, taking some profits today will not affect my downside or my upside now. With that said, what am I going to do if the market starts to dump from here? Am I gon na Panic? Am I gon na sell everything? No, no, no, no thats! Why I took some profits today, protecting my downside.

I can feel happy that I have those profits and what I can do is I can reinvest those if the market drops substantially wheres the dog. If the market drops substantially. I can then reinvest those back into the market into the things that I believe in even the things that I sold today perfect. I can jump back into the market and I can add to my bags and I can get more tokens for free right, so its essentially farming tokens for free and its awesome. I actually want that to happen, because I believe that we are going to have more of you know. We are going to have more of uh this downward momentum, because the overall macro isnt great right now its not good. We can all agree that its not good, and we, I think we can all agree that the market got a little bit too euphoric too quickly here but yeah. If we continue to go down, my main goal is going to be continuing to find gems right. I think that we now have so many perfect examples of what pumps when the market gets euphoric. So now, if the market dumps were gon na, see all Mighty dumps on these coins that everyone got too euphoric on. But these are the opportunities that we have. If the market dumps from here 50 lets say Bitcoin drops 50 were gon na see. Some of these old coins drop way more than that, but we should by now have at least a small list of things that we can potentially start to buy from here.

So we see the market go down and we have these coins. If you dont have a list yet follow this channel come over and join the patreon come over and join uh the Discord you get. Access to the Discord through the patreon come and join that Im going to be continually posting gems that I find and uh thats going to be my goal right. The market comes down and Im going to be focusing on finding gems and some short term trading. So thats my plan here we go up no fomo on the things that I sold continuing to dollar cost average. We go down no fomo because I did sell some stuff. I dollar cost average back into my coins that I sold already getting more of those coins. Back again – and I dollar cost average some more into Bitcoin ethereum. Some of these longer term plays, and we stay uh in this market for the long term thats. How I think, were gon na make the most amount of money thats, how Ive made the second most of the money that Ive made here and I think thats the best way to do it. Let me know down there in the comment section what you guys are thinking um.