I am your host hustle and, as always, were going to be diving into the markets. The crypto gaming markets, specifically as were going to talk about the one industry that regardless of market conditions and if you play this industry right over the next couple of years, youre going to be able to get in front of one of the biggest tidal waves in Business history, I truly believe which is web 3 gaming, which is nfts inside of video games and youre gon na see once the quality products and the funding that we talk about inside of this video flows in and the product materializes. Why? These big Brands? And these big companies cant resist the nft gaming industry makes so much sense and were going to talk about the projects to get you exposure to over a thousand plus games, the biggest Distributors, blockchains infrastructures and, more so lets dive into it like the video down below. If you enjoy the videos on in the game on crypto banter, as well as if youre a bullish on the crypto gaming industry, subscribe to the Channel Down Below for shows here every single day on the crypto banter Network Alpha every single day from all the hosts. Regarding fundamentals, D5 charting and more so shout out to our sponsors as well by bit the leading crypto Exchange in the entire web 3 space, where you can do all of your trading across the markets. Nordvpn always navigate securely guys when youre, navigating through crypto, when youre navigating with you know, linking wallets linking to sites and not wanting to expose your location, definitely check out nordvpn down below and site is a AAA Intergalactic experience.

I Ive hopped in the zinna experience and its really fun a mobile Battle, Royale free to play. I would definitely advise to hop in scientists Heroes as well check out all of our sponsors Down Below in the description now lets talk about quickly the markets Im sitting on my hands, guys Im seeing you know Bitcoin between 23 and 24, and I I think were Gon na kind of slowly bleed for a bit Im Im, not too bullish, but Im, not too bearish, I think, were gon na see some slow bleed. After that, you know, we just saw a pretty major run from 15 to 25. Basically, we reached 25., so were talking 15 to 25 and a pretty short period of time in retrospect. So I think that bitcoins gon na kind of take a slow pullback and were going to see some really good opportunities. But where are those opportunities going to open up and what is that recession proof industry that we talked about well thats gaming? So, as we see, Bryson Hogwarts Legacy has generated 830 million in sales in less than a month. Mw2 hit 1 billion in sales in just 10 days. Gaming is a recession, proof industry and, as we see here, the way that the gaming industry has grown uh. Since that thing that happened across the world in 2020, that cannot be named some Voldemort stuff. Uh. You see Mobile gaming, p, PC tablet, games, smartphone, games, console games, the markets on these have grown every single year from 2020 to 2022.

. This is a major stat, because more people are adopting the gaming markets every single year. You see the video game industry being bigger than film music streaming, the NFL and the Olympics marketing Revenue combined right, so youre, seeing this industry being completely bigger than some of the biggest media, Titans and Giants across the world and uh quick, quick intervention. Uh D Johnny win banter games. I was literally talking. We were talking behind the scenes here before the show Im, upgrading my PC and my graphics card and my processor uh here in a new office soon and Im going to have uh. Some live games were gon na hop in were gon na play, some multiplayer were going to have some competitions live here on banter, so well, definitely hop in, especially whenever uh you know, the games are really here and flowing and I agree. Games will save the Bull Run, games are going to be the most explosive industry, uh in the Bull Run, definitely and then Becker literally just tweeted. This uh nfts and crypto gaming will find mass adoption before crypto and Bitcoin and currency does. We could see the entire Bull Run, that is simply gaming in nft Tech. It could be bigger than Bitcoin and ethereum. Remember all of crypto is not even the market cap of Microsoft so were looking at an industry with so much up side, and this is exactly why Amazons getting involved saying that blockchain gaming is the clear Avenue to bridge into web3.

We have epic games raising two billion dollars to build the metaverse, and you know whats the biggest matter of verse in the world right now. Fortnite we, you know, fortnite is absolutely the biggest meta version in the world immutable with a 500 million dollar fund to boost web 3 adoption and a mocha with a one billion dollar fund. Recently, in the metaverse we see that Sony has a patent to have nfts and players to stream theres, so many Brands and companies coming in and the money coming in as well its not just names its money, its Capital. This is where the action is going to happen and materialize over the next couple years. Games dont ship overnight. You dont just give a studio, money and Boom games made overnight thats, just not how things work. Youre gon na have to actually go through and you know make developments so this seven billion dollars that was raised in 2022. This is going to materialize over the next couple of years into very, very good products inside the web 3 gaming industry. And then we see projections here from PR newswire, a source saying that blockchain gaming will be worth 65, basically 66 billion dollars by the year 2020. Seven. Now. What does this all add up to this all add UPS to the conviction that I preach on the show. All the time of why gaming is the sector and why nfts and games make the most sense with crypto technology, its a no brainer.

Your account can be secured with nft technology. Your assets, your skins, your earnables, your camos, your attachments, your wearables, everything inside of a gaming ecosystem, the micro transactions, the battle passes, uh exclusive season drops exclusive seasonal drops. You know Thanksgiving uh St Patricks Day drops Easter drops, you could do so much inside of games. Just like the biggest brands do just like Activision does inside a war zone just like fortnite does every single game. They do this, and this is how they monetize, but nfts get give the power a back to the players because they own their assets and then they can also set the market and resell them, which also benefits the game in the studio, because they get more than One touch point on their customers: I could go on and on about the technology I could go on and on about technology. Well, lets pump the brakes and lets talk about how to get exposure to over a thousand plus games over the next couple of years, and this is a six to seven coin stack and a couple of them have some tokenomics up in the air. But the platforms here are absolutely Rock Solid and these are going to be the way in my opinion, to take advantage, like I said, to be in front of the Distributors, the blockchains and the infrastructures that could provide you, an exposure that are putting to Market and Incubating and distributing over a thousand plus games over time, so Avalanche Avalanche is one at 18.

I think were gon na see, lower prices on Avalanche and with their recent developments a with Amazon once again, Amazon getting involved, uh on Avalanche with their distribution process, or I I believe it was uh to scale blockchain with governments, I believe, was actually what they were Doing with Amazon, so that was interesting. We see them also some of the like lower. We didnt see as much publicity around this as last weeks, news with the low local Legends with 50 million active users thats going to be massive, but then we see dos Labs building a new gaming ecosystem on Avalanche subnets, everyones wanting to take advantage of the Avalanche. Subnet technology and right now, if we go look theres already 50 gaming projects coming to the platform, and I think this is probably out of date. I think theres more projects coming to Avalanche than just these 50 listed in the gaming narrative, so Avalanche is definitely in that stack. I think polygons a no brainer and I also think polygon is going to see a little more of a dip too right like a dollar twenty. I think we get closer to adult Im Im. I think short term if Bitcoin continues to slow burn down. I do think polygon could take a pretty massive pullback, given its volatility and given how fast it ran up to a dollar fifty uh Im watching for good prices on polygon. My DCA was long ago, so Im very happy with my DCA points, but I will be looking if it gets low enough and we do get a pullback here, maybe around 20 000 over the next.

You know month or two. If we get that bearish right Im, not that bearish, I do think we hang out between 22 and 24 for quite a while personally, but I think we can see some really good prices on polygon. We see that they partner with the lot group and this I believe, if you take a look uh South Korea yeah its a South Korean company. So this is going to give them exposure to once again a market that is extremely desired to be tapped into in web3, and then we see their ZK technology Sandeep, the CEO and founder of uh or the yeah, the co founder of polygon. As we see here, the ZK EVMS technology for them goes live on March 27th. Polygon is going to give you exposure to so many games like metal, core dead drop, uh, Galaxy fight. I mean theres theres, so many big games AAA titles, mobile experiences, browser experiences, building on polygon, Ryan, Wyatt from YouTube Gamings done a great job over there to bring in more projects into the ecosystem, so right now Avalanche polygon magic. I I think treasure down magic is going to be a massive massive winner, long term, especially when you look at the arbitrum narrative. Wait until that arbitrum airdrop comes around and all the ecosystem projects inside of arbitrim start going crazy people are trading. People are trading nfts inside of the gaming ecosystems, because there are a ton of quality games, building on the magic and the treasured out ecosystem.

Im. Stoked later this week on Wednesday were going to have treasure dial here on, the show were going to talk about the future of the platform. Why theyre building you know why they chose to build on uh arbitrim. You know we talked to projects why you choose to build on Avalanche. Why do you choose to build on this blockchain or that blockchain Solana, et cetera, so well, definitely ask them why they chose arbitrim and then their plan moving forward, because I think that uh, you know what they are doing is awesome and I think that they will Be the leading game, five project of the arbitrum narrative for the you know foreseeable future, so I definitely want to get in front of that. It hasnt reached my DCA Target once again idc8 around a dollar 50.. If it got back down to my DCA point, I actually might accumulate some more because I am very, very bullish, long term on Magic. But it hasnt really reached that Target, yet its hanging around 1.60 and its uh kind of holding strong. But if it gets below a dollar fifty, I might consider some dcas, but I think magic has to be in your stack: Vulcan Forge, building 12 games on their own and then tons of games like Vendetta, doll, the hustle, verse, Etc. No pun intended. That is a real project. The hustle verse were gon na have to find out were gon na have to get inside of the hustle very soon well have to get Jamie on the show.

Uh get me some sort of a skin inside of the hustle versus it. Only makes sense right uh though, but Im really bullish on Vulcan Forge in the future, and I think that with their blockchain, the Elysium L1 blockchain coming live everyones waiting for that the developments have been slow recently, but I think that means big things. I think Jamie Anthony scaramucci and the you know the founders in the backer of uh Vulcan Forge. I think that theyre really building something special and I think, youre really going to be surprised. The quality of the blockchain once it does go, live youll, get access to tons of games through Vulcan, Forge Elysium Network Im. Very bullish on Ultra Ultra games is gearing up for the full launch. Theyve gone through the three waves of ultra games: theyre Distributing over 150 Plus game Publishers on the platform; massive exposure, massive distributor, really the steam of crypto gaming Ultra at 25 cents and at this market cap with ultra games. Finally, going live soon, hi, Im very bullish on Ultra once we see the full product once we see Ultra games being utilized. This could really really take Ultra to the next level and then Gala games. So lets talk about a couple that I think we could see a lot better prices on and I am waiting as well. Uh thats Gala games. We, it was just below four cents, I think were gon na see three and a half cents on Gala, maybe low.

Three cents areas on Gala games and despite the bullish developments, the amount of games coming to the platform the mobile gaming shift to tap into their Market. They just acquired a studio recently with 20 million plus users theres a lot going right for Gala the company, but the tokenomics short term in a bearish environment are definitely going to be volatile and we could see some really good prices on Gala for the long term. As well as immutable, so immutable had a very, very good run, I believe, up to a dollar 24., I mean it ran hard like a two and a half x 3X in the in the uh run from 15K to 25k Bitcoin. But right now were looking at a 94 Cent immutable and the circulating supply is about its got about 60 percent to go left on the circulating Supply. The next token unlock is in 25 days. This is what drives me sometimes uh from not dcaing heavily yet into immutable. X is the token unlocks, because in a bearish environment token unlocks are very important. You dont want to get dumped on because VC investors are going to take profits in a bearish environment. Every single time, in a bullish environment, the tokens that are quality are just going to catch liquidity and run so in a bull market. You really dont have to worry about tokenomics as finally, but in a bear Market you need to watch stuff like this.

You can see this on tokenunlocks.app uh, yeah token.unlocks.app. You can check different unlocks from different tokens, but the next unlock for immutable is in 25 days, and it is one percent of the total Supply unlocked but Im very bullish on immutable, long term, and I do think there will be a time to DCA hard and Really accumulate for the long term unimutable, but I dont think that time is yet. I think its going to cool off, I think, were going to see some better prices on immutable as well, but thats really my stack to get it weight into the industry to get a thousand plus games under your belt. In your investment stack Avalanche polygon uh. You have magic, you have Vulcan, Forge treasure, dial, Ultra immutable, X and Gala. I think thats the best stack if you want Distributors, blockchains incubators like thats, the you know, Studios. That is some of the best projects and businesses inside of web 3 gaming to back and having your stack long term. The key here, though, I think we see lower prices, I think, were gon na see at least a little bit lower a pullback from the gaming industry. We had a lot of hype. Once Amazon came in, we had a lot of hype when Gala acquired that studio. For 20 million dollars and they more than 2x in a matter of like a week, so Im patient Im sitting on my hands Im comfortable with my long term bags that Im still holding that I didnt take profit on recently.

But if we get low enough Im going to be putting Capital into the market Im going to be DCA, but for me that time is not now Im gon na watch this play out and obviously Ill keep you updated throughout the way whenever were here on in The game every single day I believe well be back on, were going to not have a show Tuesday were gon na have a show on Wednesday, like I said well, have treasured out on the show its going to be an awesome interview. You can hear Straight From the Source on everything that theyre building, why theyre building on arbitrim Etc. So without further Ado, like the video, if youre as bullish on blockchain gaming, nfts and video games in the future, leave your comments down below and let me know your thoughts that way we can talk about it Ill kind of reply to some chats throughout the day. If you guys want to comment down below leave your thoughts on your favorite projects and your favorite narratives, or your thoughts on crypto gaming in the future, subscribe to the Channel Down Below for shows here every single day on crypto, banter and Ill be back tomorrow.