This week, Gary Gensler SEC chair reasserts that every crypto is a security aside from Bitcoin, but lawyers disagree lawyer in chief policy officer at the blockchain association, Jake travinsky argued that genslers words or opinion are not the law. On February 26th, he said the SEC lacks authority to regulate any of them until and unless it proves its case in court for each asset, every single one individually, one at a time, and if we reference the informational, crypto Market website coin gecko in the top left Hand corner here we see in their database alone. They are tracking 12 306 different cryptocurrency assets, The Good, the Bad and ugly about this reality is 12 306 lawsuits is a lot of lawsuits that the SEC would not have the resources to pursue good. However, until there is a robust regulatory framework for digital Assets in the United States, the SEC will continue its war on crypto, whether it has the jurisdiction or not bad, and the unfortunate reality about the legal system in the United States is that most judges who ultimately Decide the fate of outcomes of lawsuits are extremely lazy, which means the outcomes of current cases. The SEC has brought against crypto entities like Ripple are extremely important ugly. Why is it so? However, the Ripple case shakes out will create a legal precedent for how lazy judges decide the outcome of other crypto cases, meaning if Ripple loses instead of Judges looking at other cases with fresh neutral eyes like theyre supposed to they will more than likely just reference.

Previous similar case outcomes and make the same decisions as previous judges lame, so lets check out this Ripple versus SEC court case update as of February 26 2023., despite both parties in the Ripple and Securities Exchange Commission SEC case, making final submissions and awaiting summary judge, the Main focus still lingers around the regulators power and providing oversight and crypto alongside unsealing vital documents. Under the latest update Pro xrp lawyer, John Deaton has questioned a statement by the SEC chair Gary ginsler, alleging that any crypto besides Bitcoin is classified as a security. It is worth noting that the SEC is suing Ripple for selling xrp as unregistered Securities. It is also worth noting that Ripple general counsel, Stuart El dorote, has earlier insinuated that the SEC has minimal chances of winning the case at the Supreme Court based on historical outcomes. The SEC has lost four of its last five cases in the Supreme Court, thanks to the few that had the courage and resources to fight back against the secs, bullying and clinging to stretch legal positions that were not faithful to the law. He said, as previously reported the case received new Rejuvenation after a journalist, Rosalind Leighton filed a motion to gain access to the hin mid speech documents. The speech was issued by the former director of the secs division of Corporation Finance in June 2018 and could offer a clear representation of how the SEC classifies Securities Hinman noted that ethereum and Bitcoin are not Securities and the same approach could be applied to xrp.

Therefore, with chair ginsler, pointing out that only Bitcoin is not a security, the unsealing of the document becomes a significant part of the case elsewhere. Defense lawyer, James villan, also revealed a new development in another long running legal battle where Ripple has been facing a class action. Since 2018., in the matter filed in California, xrp investors sued the company and its CEO Brad garlinghouse for selling xrp as an unregistered security and are seeking damages for the losses they suffer. They are requesting that the court declare xrp a security, so this is definitely a case. We should be following closely as crypto investors, so the most important question we need to explore is: will the SEC and U.S ban and kill crypto hello, Im, crypto and welcome to another episode of crypto this week. Lets take a look at the global news stories and the state of the current macroeconomic environment. Please check out our sponsors. Masterworks etoro and Ledger build a balanced Investment Portfolio by diversifying into shares of iconic works of art, with Masterworks platform, diversify into the traditional stock market and ETFs, with zero commissions using etoro Exchange and make sure you are taking complete control and ownership of all of your Digital assets and cryptocurrencies by using secure Cold Storage, Hardware wallets, like Ledger devices, scroll down and use the links below to access the correct and official sites, as well as redeem any special offers. They have for us sweet the US government doesnt like Bitcoin, because its a worldwide asset gaining a lot of attention that they cannot control.

So why havent they banned it because they dont know how to enforce it. The nature of bitcoins underlying blockchain technology is that it is decentralized which means no one. Computer server person or entity can control the network. Anyone around the world can download the entire history of all Bitcoin transactions and then can also participate in verifying transactions by becoming a minor. So the only way to stop the Bitcoin Network would be to destroy the whole planet. At this point I mean look at China. Theyve been trying to ban Bitcoin for years unsuccessfully, and we know theyve been pretty successful at controlling things in their country. So what the US government could do is make it harder for us to convert our Fiat, U.S dollar currencies into Bitcoin by imposing restrictions on the amount of money we can transact on exchanges. They may do that, but at the end of the day, the cryptocurrency industry is a niche and growing facet of the larger Global Financial industry and the U.S stifling growth and development in this sector would further put countries off of using the US dollar and the big Corporations that own all the politicians want to be able to seize any opportunity they can to make more money. There is a ton of money to be made in this new speculative asset class, and so they will pay for the regulations that will allow them to do it now if the SEC were to go after other big cryptocurrencies like ethereum.

Basically, the only thing they can do is to try to find the ethereum foundation and try to force them to get compliant and basically all compliant U.S. Crypto exchanges would have to delist Ether until they register as a security which, like weve discussed, would just cause the US to fall behind in the new Global Financial and technological sectors. So the outcome of the secs case against Ripple is crucial, because if the SEC wins, they will likely start going after the top largest projects like ethereum, polka, dot, cardano and similar. But if Ripple wins the SEC might back down a bit. We shall see in due time. Let me know what you think. The outcome of the case will be in the secs next move in the comments below cool looking at another facet of the developing regulatory landscape. This week, U.S treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, says its critical to establish strong crypto regulation. We havent suggested outright Banning so yeah everyone, especially the US, knows how much money there is in owning and controlling financial markets. So, even if the US cant own it, they want some control over it in order to maintain power in the Global Financial system and make a lot of money as well as big Global organizations like the international monetary fund. This week the IMF prefers to regulate crypto. Then Banning it outright on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in India, IMF managing director, Chris Delena georgieva, said the agency would prefer to regulate crypto than an outright ban cool, so all in all Im not too worried about any extremely bad regulations being posed on crypto.

However, even if the United States did impose extremely bad regulations on crypto, basically people living in the U.S would have a hard time investing, which we already kind of do, because we dont have access to a lot of the exchanges, because they dont follow current U.S regulatory Requirements and we are not able to create or invest in icos or initial coin offerings. Basically, we can just exchange our US dollars for crypto on kyc U.S compliant exchanges like coinbase, Kraken and similar, so bad crypto regulations in the US would mostly be bad for the US and in the news this week you Europe entices crypto firms as U.S regulatory Crackdown Intensifies the EU is pitching the region as open to crypto companies. The US is sending the opposite message with its Crackdown. Uncle Sam may be left behind if Congress doesnt act soon and also in the news this week, Hong Kong courts, crypto industry, as other governments crack down Chinese territory, is seen as desperate to catch up with regional Rivals Singapore. So yes, the US market is big and keeping them in the game would be better for crypto, but it wouldnt put an end to the crypto Market as its a global market that has traded 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every single day, crypto, never Sleeps and other countries are motivated to become hubs for development and growth of the industry. What can we do as U.S citizens? Besides sharing videos like this and spreading awareness about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with everyone? We know we can also start exploring which people and legislation at both our state and National levels are pro crypto and spread awareness about their stance for when the election time comes, and we can also identify which people are anti crypto and try to reach out to Them maybe via Twitter or similar, to try and educate them about the importance of the US working to become an ideal Global Hub for crypto development, so we dont get left behind.

We also need to keep in mind who would be best in office when they try to roll out the US dollar as a central bank digital currency, which, if you havent yet check out this video guide about the implications of cbdcs in the US. By clicking on the link, above so when election time rolls around, we want to be educated, about which legislators up for re election have as much as a politician. Can our best interest at heart, for example, this week, representative Tom emmer, says, fed, must not create digital currency surveillance? State emmer has introduced legislation that seeks to limit the feds ability to issue a digital currency without additional oversight. Any digital version of our dollar must uphold our American values of privacy, individual sovereignty and free market competitiveness. Emma wrote on Twitter Wednesday, anything less opens the door to to the development of a dangerous surveillance tool, though there appears to be some bipartisan consensus regarding the need for the United States to keep up with this emerging Global Trend. Multiple American lawmakers, including emmer, have voiced concern that the fed or the broader U.S government could manipulate control over a digital currency to gather sensitive transaction information previously held by private companies or unavailable due to the proliferation of cash. So, as you can see, the next 12 to 20 months with a huge election year ahead will be extremely crucial for the cryptocurrency industry and the United States. And if you havent yet check out this video about how this could be the perfect storm of events for crypto by clicking on the link above amazing.

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