If you watched my yesterdays video check it out, I told you exactly what to expect from uh Jerome Powells testimony and were gon na get to it so thats. The reason why I actually kept my short trade, because this right now in the bear Market, when macro, is so dominant thats why I didnt really want to flip my trade yet. But I wanted to see what Powell is going to say. So I told you this exactly in my previous video, so subscribe hit that notification Bell so youre always notified when I make a new upload and this trade has been paying us quite nicely and were also getting paid by just holding a long trade because of the Funding rate, so this is absolutely beautiful anyway, so lets just go quickly through everything, because there is something absolutely crazy that BlackRock has just said, and the judge presiding on the SEC versus Ripple uh lawsuit as well. There is so many things happening that you have to watch this video from the beginning and until the end, because its absolutely crazy and remember if you want to see all of my personal trades and the trades of my team, then go down into the description of This video, This Is Where and find a link to our Discord. Thats called VAP crawlow signals. This is where we post all of my trades and the trades with my team so anyway lets before we move to the chart and talk about everything were saying currently, because the chart is not looking very good, especially Dixie right now.

Dixie, the dollar Index is absolutely rallying and the reason is because Jerome Powell actually Dropped a Bomb. Yesterday, a very hawkish one, Jerome Powell said that fed is prepared to speed up the interest rate Rises, and he also said that interest rates are likely to be higher than previously anticipated. So, for this reason the market is not taking it very lightly and were seeing a huge shift from the probabilities in terms of the size of the next rate hike. It was previously uh thought that were going to have a 70 chance of a 25 basis points, but now it actually swing to 73 chance of 50 basis, point rate hike, and what actually BlackRock has said is that Federal Reserve could hit rates. That would could hike rates to six percent so and hold there for an extended time. So why is this bad? Why does this actually drive uh? The Dixie up, Bitcoin is actually, if youre going to take a look, its actually going down. Look at S P. 500. It has actually absolutely plummeted and actually Ive. I actually Drew this yesterday. This blue line quite interesting, thats, its all so spot on. So call me Mystery Spot on that on the comment subscribe right now: the realest crypto Channel. If youre not subscribed, I mean you have to subscribe right now and hit that notification, because the notification Bell, because were making some crazy profits here anyway. So and why is everything crashing well? The answer is, even I mean this is NASDAQ I mean even China is going down Hong Kong 50 index and also composite index of China is also going down.

So the reason is quite simple is because uh the closer the more rate hikes there are the longer theyre gon na be up uh, the bigger the probability of a recession of everything just fed pivoting too late, because something breaks, unemployment, spikes Etc, like every single. Almost almost every single time we saw in the history, you know everything was great until it was a deep recession. So this is what the reason why the markets are shaky right now is because I mean: can we really sustain, with everything already almost broken, a six percent interest rate for an extended period of time? Thats? Why guys watch todays the today power is going to be speaking today again and I think in front of the Senate instead of the Congress. So I mean Im, not sure hes going to say anything new. I mean in comparison to yesterday, but still worth noting and on Friday were going to see the unemployment data, which is maybe important and then next week, CPI data, which is going to just print the whole picture and then were gon na finally crash or pump. In my opinion, so now what is bullish I mean everything we spoke about is short term very bearish. So for this particular, I will move to the chart in just a second explain, my technical reasoning and what Im expecting for this trade, and certainly guys, if you want to be treating on an exchange that you can trust, then go down into the description of this Video and join buy a bit with my exclusive link to Bible.

You can claim up to thirty thousand dollars in initial deposit bonuses, so you have to use the link register deposit money into it, and actually you can create a new account and move your money from your existing account to a new account to claim all these bonuses And if you deposit more than 100 bucks, you are entering automatically into a Rolex giveaway and we still have one Rolex, because people who keep winning this one Rolex its a third Rolex Im giving away they dont have 100 bucks in their account. So also, if you deposit more than 500 youll get my paid famous crypto course for absolutely free and you can actually claim it inside the Discord Channel and all the positive users get access to my crypto signals Community for absolutely free, so use the link become a Part of buy a bit and join my free Discord Channel and see all these trades that were taking with these insane absolutely insane profits. So, anyway, lets move on to uh. Now we spoke about the short term. Bearishness lets talk about long term stuff. That is Mega important in my opinion, and that is that we just saw a huge Revelation and here huge update when it comes to Ripple versus SEC, and the judge actually ruled on the expert testimony, motions and hearers who benefits. So basically, the ruling did exclude the testimony of the expert, witness Patrick Duty, who was hired by the sect to analyze the expectations of xrp buyers, which could mean a win for ripple.

Considering he has the Watchdogs only expert witness on the subject. So extra Sac has no more witness expert Witnesses. This is I mean this just I mean absolutely flipped everything. In my personal humble opinion, there is a huge chance right now for xrp to win and if theyre gon na win, this is gon na. Take the whole market up, you know this is the Catalyst weve been talking about, and this is a huge development right now also, if were going to take a look at this judges, scrutinize sack over the denial of grayscale, Bitcoin ETF, so the companys lawsuit against the Sack of grayscale reached a pivotal moment, as judge actually question the agencys decision making of SEC. So this is another win for the crypto industry, grayscales application. Suppose this is what sex said when they denied Bitcoin spotted TF. They said that the application lacked data necessary to confidentially, determine whether fraud and manipulation in the sport Market impacts, Futures markets in the same way whatever so, but the judge Naomi. Thank you judge. Naomi said, it seems that Futures prices of Bitcoin is the derivative of the asset spot price, which moved together 99.9 of the time uh, and she said that SEC has not provided evidence that grayscales claims are wrong. So this means there is no bloody reason for us. Not to have a Bitcoin spotted TF, which means it could be coming very soon, maybe in this year next year, coming closer, maybe to the Bitcoin halving which is going to be a huge injection of liquidity from Big participants and institutions into Bitcoin and weve.

Already seen. Blackrock, when theres, so many movements really happening already – and this is I mean this – is bullish, long term short term. We have some issues, we just discussed them. We also have this inflation thing and silvergate, and this network going down, and but these the this is shows this shows the future guys and judge actually questioned the sex rejection of grayscale sport, Bitcoin ETF, app, absolutely huge. So, for this reason, what Im thinking is, even if you know thats, why Im actually keeping my short trade still open again its actually going down quite reluctantly, but we are still breaking below the most important support right here, which was this support right here. So if we actually close, at least in the four hour chart, because we didnt actually close Below in the four hour charger in 15 minutes were gon na close were gon na kind of confirm this breakdown, and this would open the road to like twenty thousand dollars. Ish, so just purely technically – and this is what Im personally looking at when it comes to my uh short trade, but in terms of long term Im accumulating, I believe in Bitcoin.