It is right now, the 14th of March, and that means in just a little bit. We are going to get ourselves the inflation numbers in the US. Now you guys have all noticed that the entire banking stock list was just completely halted yesterday, because things went absolutely Haywire now. I think today that things could get even more crazy in regards to the Bitcoin price because of all this banking, crushing the big compressor shot up and honestly, the way things are looking right now, depending on what numbers come out later. Yet today you have to understand: inflation in theory is pretty good for crypto, but for the most part, regardless of what number comes out today, I think therell be a lot of fun and that could be reflected back upon Bitcoin and the rest of our cryptos. So again, Ill leave. A link to Bible down below is the exchange that Im using to trade right now again, if you check telegram you can see, I opened the trade at 21.7. 000 Ill explain a little bit later as to why I did that, but yeah prepared for some volatile times and again guys 12 30 p.m. Gmt is going to be the inflation numbers from the US, its going to be extremely important, and I would love to live stream it. But Im right now heading over to aibc a conference because Im going to be speaking there but yeah all Im trying to say, is get prepared, because this could be a very, very strange and very very bumpy ride.

People are not ready. You know we weve not seen banking stocks take such a brutal hit in a very long while its happening all over the world, its going really crazy. So its really funny to see the inflation numbers come out at a time like this, its just gon na be some some. Oh, this is gon na, be crazy, guys so be prepared all right guys and before we move on. I also want to quickly tell you guys about live coin watch. As you probably know, I have used this website for years on my channel its basically a website and app on iOS and on the Play Store where you can see all the crypto prices again, its a website and an app and one of the cool things is That they actually have a chat feature where you can talk to developers and just give your general feed feedback Etc. And if I look back at my crypto history, I have certainly used live. Coin watch a lot more than coin market cap or coin gecko or any of these others, because I just think its a little bit easier to use and things just work a little bit better. The only reason I sometimes showcase coin market cap of my videos is because more people are familiar with that than Litecoin watch. But if were talking about, I personally use all the time. I always use live coin watch and if you look back at the first, I think four years of me making crypto videos.

This is what I always used to use just wanted to quickly mention that, for you guys guys, it might be time that you sell literally everything that you own and the main reason I am saying that is because Mr Jim Cramer has just said a couple days Ago that JP Morgan is a fortress, and that is very scary because we all know its always smart to do the exact opposite of what Jim Cramer tells you to do. So if hes saying that JP Morgan, one of the biggest banks in the world, is a fortress, you better prepare for some massive crash to happen to that bank thats. Why I tweeted Out All Is Lost, and I know thats partially a joke, because Im not kidding when Im talking about the fact that hes almost always exactly like opposite wrong. What I mean is that it will all actually crash really hard, or rather that you should sell all because theres a very big difference between the banking industry and the stocks for that and the opposite, which is the cryptocurrency industry theres. Some overlap as weve seen with xrp, Etc, but, generally speaking, it is still quite different. All right now. One thing we should quickly make clear is that yesterday was a pretty big day: the crypto space you guys have all seen it. We went up like crazy percentages but and heres the big caveat well its quite debatable as to why it happened but Im thinking.

Is it because the U.S banking stocks were halted, as there was a lot of fear in that now, xrp lawyer, John Dean, believes Ripple. Ceo Brad going house hints that crypto can save the U.S banking system in the current crisis and theres, something to be said about that. That Ripple has some disruptive tech for the banking industry. Thats right now just messing themselves up and we have another article thats kind of in the nature of that things are kind of being manipulated for crypto takeover, but theres also another opposite way, thats kind of saying that they want to just not crypto get crypto in There so its always going to be pushed down, which is why Ripples case was brought, which is why Ill share something with you in just a second heres. Also Ripples top lawyer heaps Praise on lawmakers over the svb bailout. Well, generally speaking, the most important part of all this is that people are getting their money back for a small part. Not everything, and I dont know if its a full con. You know considered a full bailout of sorts uh theyre, just protecting the positives, which is still important, but not as hyped up as theyre making it seem to come back to the point. Ripple can Ripple, save the banking system, yes, and no. The reason Im saying that is because here is also crypto friendly Signature Bank admitting they were never insolvent but got shut down anyway, because U.

S Regulators wanted to send a very strong, anti crypto message to quote: hopefully uh you guys, cant, read it perfectly but Ill read It for you, for his part, Frank who helped draft the Le uh. You know what Landmark Dodd Frank Act after the 28 or 2008 financial crisis said there was no real objective reason that signature had to be seized quote. I think part of what happened was that Regulators wanted to send a very strong, anti crypto message and quote Frank said quote again: we became the poster boy because there was no insolvency based on fundamentals. End quote and uh Bernardo on the right says: hmm well. That message was received with cryptos going up. Ah sorry, they came to pick up the laundry anyway wasnt it quite ironical. Indeed, that cryptocurrencies, which were supposed to be kind of shot down with these announcements, was going up so hard its because of all this negativity towards the crypto space from these major Banks. But we know theyre afraid we know a lot of this is manipulation and I did the crypto shut up now, not because of some Bank manipulation you know trying to take it down, but because of True Value being kind of like opened up a little bit. Let me rephrase that anytime, you see a negative announcement for the banks. In theory, thats positive for crypto inflation in the real world in theory is very positive for crypto. However, most of the times when there are these very bearish announcements for banks, very bearish announcement for stocks, Etc, usually crypto doesnt do that.

Well, because people see this investment, you know the Bitcoin investment as a asset class akin to stocks and indices. Basically, they dont see it as this hedge. They dont see it as in a similar manner, as they see gold for the most part and thats whats kind of hurting it so to speak. Now again, sometimes, though it slips through the cracks a little bit like weve. Seen here yesterday, today, Etc with kryptos just going absolutely haywire and its fun to see how theyre doing that in comparison to the SMP, which really didnt move up at all here and then to see crypto just go. Absolutely zooting is always a a very fun thing and I always enjoy to um to watch that here were gon na still kind of actually, oh, I didnt even notice that were still kind of following along with the pattern here of making a little um half Archer. I guess a full Arch or half circle, which is uh quite peculiar, to watch, lets see actually how this performs and whether or not were going to cross above the 24.8 thousand dollar barrier, whether or not were going to go further than that little side note as Well, hopefully, you guys have joined me on telegram, but we opened a trade and let me quickly check out exactly what point it was. We opened a trade yesterday at 21.7 thousand dollars and its actually sometimes really crazy. Just to imagine how much profit you can make in a single day, Im trading over on buy bit Ill leave a link for that down below its the exchange of my choice, because there are usually crazy bonuses and a lot of you guys asked to do some Trading competitions soon, if you guys, are excited for that, just make sure you press that, like button and let me know down below because I can definitely get you guys another, I think.

Usually we do like 30, 000 xrp or SO trading competition, meaning you know the person that trades the best in our community. Only people that have used my link to sign up. You know the the top guy wins lets say: nah in total people are going to win 30 000 over the the top ten, but the top guy might win. You know a couple thousand bucks is usually pretty cool here. You can see your trading Rodeo as well. Refreshed with 700 000 in rewards for all theres, usually cool training competitions, if youre good at trading, usually this stuff can make you uh tons of additional money. Anyway, I try to say that we had a couple of very, very juicy trades over the last couple of weeks, and it all stems from just knowing the most important supports and resistances. It honestly is the truth behind it all if you know where the most proper supports and resistances are like, for example, everybody could know that twenty thousand was a major psychological barrier. I told you guys about two very important levels, though previously I told you guys about 21.7 000 just like four days ago or so, and unfortunately, we broke through towards the next major support area. But I opened my trade at 21.7 because I realized, if we break above that, yet again, its mostly going to kind of keep zooting and I try to place a trade earlier at. Like 20 point something thousand dollars, but with high leverage – and I got stopped out because it was a pretty crazy, Wick somewhere a little bit earlier – I guess a couple days ago, somewhere anyway, usdc is also repacked like we talked about, and things are back on.

The up and up my ethereum that I bought at 1500 bucks, which is pretty nice, is now also up a significant amount xrp, not that much up, maybe because of some of the negative svb news or because well, banking stocks got halted and a lot of their Bases is surrounding that, so I guess xrp is unlike that middle ground of well. If the banking stocks do bad Ripple is not in the best positions on the contrary, because the banking stocks do bad, crypto is doing good, so theyre, like you know best of I guess worst of Both Worlds in that sense, because now theyre a kind of flat Stuck in the middle, which is kind of funny to read anyway, the next couple of days is going to be very interesting to see how this will kind of Ripple through the markets. You know whats going to happen to banking stocks, whats going to happen to Major indices from here on Ford Im, just going to be watching it all from the sidelines here Ill just keep on hoping that all this Fiat stuff will not eventually get completely useless because For the most part, its gon na wreck, the poor – you know the rich dont, really care for Fiat to be destroyed. Theyll find a new way to make a lot of profit, its mostly on the lower echelons, and I think we first need to get the majority of people understanding of the different ways to manage your financials, like, for example, through crypto, before this major shift happens.

Because I just think too many people are going to be on the on the losing side on this one, but yeah thats my thoughts on this.