As I said in the beginning that its a swing trade altcoin portfolio but were going to develop a few strategies. And in this short update Ill, be providing you some information behind the actual thesis at this point. So what are we going to look at? I think were going to look at an old strategy, but thats what were going to dive in into this short update before we continue make sure to hit the like button subscribe to. The YouTube channel also check out my other social media platform, where you can find more information on the markets and also make sure to check out our platform where you can copy trade, my portfolio and more, when were looking at the old coin portfolio, I started with A thousand bucks which we have done a few weeks ago, you can find the other video on my YouTube channel and we have been buying a few all coins and you can find them here. So we have invested around 250 bucks into chain link, weve invested in curve, rsr weve invested in atom. We have invested in Oxy infinity and looks and, as you can see, we are down 16 at this point, which means that we are underwater and we have to have a new strategy. At this point, I think that if we look at the markets, we can conclude that probably were going to go down a little bit more, as markets have to establish a potential potential.

Bottoming structure Im not too happy with the results. At this point, as I was expecting the markets to continue rallying, but at this point we just have to hold on to what we have got in the markets here. Does it make sense to swap the positions at this point that doesnt make that much sense that the one that is down the most is definitely looks at this point as the rest, including j link, are barely down anything since we have been buying it. So lets have a look, the markets Ive discussed yesterday. They are most likely going to have some sort of Correction, but we build our thesis based from the daily time frame in which we can conclude that most of the altcoins are currently on the edge of holding support right, so chain link here is just consolidating within A range I start to establish a potential strategy, the moment that it starts to Trend up so then Im going to move my stop loss up, but for now its just a portfolio that Ill be holding for several months, and that means that Ill be underwater. For a little bit and have some pain there, but I cant adapt to whats a different strategy at this point. Unless I want to include more risk, which means that I swap my chaining towards looks to make sure that Im going to Grant myself additional opportunities at this point. But as you can see, China is around the area that we use to actually buy the positions at this point so were just going to stabilize theres, not much.

We can do at this point. There are a few altcoins that are having some pain and one of them is Lukes, which is currently having a very downwards training markets stabilizing around the range low. And then you can question yourself: does it make sense for me to actually swap the position or sell the position? What you should be doing is that youre looking at the chart to say, okay, if I see this chart right now, what would I do if I didnt have any position at all so thats? What were going to do here Ill, go through through the charts by a little bit, and then we can conclude. First of all, if we look at looks its currently bottoming out, which means that we might be getting a load towards 12 cents again, but we are in the process of bottoming out and Im only getting interest into adjusting my strategy once it breaks through 19 cents. So if we consolidate here actually 16 can be done too, if we consolidate here, I think I do not change much on the strategy itself, which means that Ill, just consolidate by having my position still and Ill be looking to break through here to actually start adapting With a stop loss and take profits to actually compound my gains, which is the core focus of this portfolio when were looking at Curve, we can conclude the exact same. We are just stabilizing here. The price are just barely down.

We can still have a sweep of the lows here, but ultimately we are still into support and in the meantime it starts to rain. Quite happily, here now also weve got rsr, which is currently showing a case where we are having a bottoming procedure. So everything in the portfolio is currently into the bottoming procedure. If you get towards the part of what we are going to achieve with the portfolio in the next update and thats, going to be after my holiday Ill, be providing you a full strategy of how Im going to place the trades on this portfolio, how Im going To manage those and, as I said, I will be providing all the information continuously, so I will not be skipping Ill. Just provide the information, give you a full strategy and then we can continue. Building, as my target is to give you a portfolio which makes the most sense to actually follow at this point, all the positions are underwater, which is okay, probably they will be underwater for a little bit more thats part of trading Ill just be holding on to.