Youve got to bump it up. Dont, you know bump it up. Youve got to bump it up. Dont you, oh hey, didnt notice, you there. I would expect my singing brought you to believe that the entire crypto Market is going insane when in actuality, when you refreshed that wasnt the case, and even though my xdc, which Ive been telling you guys about even here in my most latest video, which was about 12 hours ago is doing pretty good and is up 20 today, its mostly because of two other things: a massive potential for a crazy crypto pump tomorrow and the X coinbase CTO, predicting that Bitcoin will hit a million dollars in 90 days. But just before we move on our last video, which was 12 hours ago, hit 750 likes, which is insane but now Im addicted. You know its like crack once you get it its. The only thing you want to see so guys make sure you press that like button, because I honestly believe its its about to get so crazy crypto holders. I keep seeing people in my comment section telling me to stop or calm down. You know what I can say to that leave get out, get back to your corner. Go back to your basement, because if you dont see whats happening right in front of our eyes, theres! No saving you right now is by far one of the most foolish periods for crypto that Ive seen.

Oh, I said bullish a lot. I had to take my sweater off and in this video Ill, explain to you guys exactly freaking. Why so again, press that, like button and watch this video, all the way through lets break it down? The banking space is in one of the worst crunches and yes, I switched search again that weve seen the last decade and funny enough heres. The credit Swiss CEO saying about five years ago. Bitcoin is the very definition of a bubble. Now you might look at this and think Hmm. Why is that so ironic, because I mean crypto – is crashed a lot throughout the years right. Take a look at, for example, at the Luna chart and see how crazy the price went down gotcha. Would you be surprised to know that this is not the Luna chart that went down like 99, no, its actually a chart of a freaking Bank? This is the chart of the First Republic Bank and I keep telling you that cryptocurrencies are a bubble right. Just for good reference, the Credit Suisse group is also down 83 over the past six months and down 95 over the past five years and again, the repercussions of this will see for a very significant amount of time, because read these news lines, for example the Saudi National Bank loses over one billion dollars on credit, Swiss investment and, as I said, the losses are way bigger than might meet TI, and it just depends on how governments are going to be picking this up, like you can see from Reuters here, Switzerlands secretive Credit, Suisse Rescue rocks Global Finance, I mean the exact details of it still remain yet to be seen, but trust me when I say that all over the world right now theyre trying to figure out how to stop this entire system from collapsing.

Take a look at this headline from a couple hours ago: the US explores measures to guarantee all Bank deposits if crisis grows. This is finally a reassuring message for the last couple of days. Its only been well, we dont know how to do it. We dont know how to fix it and we have faith which well talk about later in this video. But this is finally a strong message: kind of along the likes of Balaji, who basically had a very strong message explaining why things are going to collapse and why? Bitcoin, for that reason, has a very high probability of going to about a million freaking dollars in the next two and a half or so months again he took a bet Im, not just talking about the fact that he just said hey its going to get to A million bucks, no, no, no, no, no, he actually put his hard earned money on it by betting, a million dollars with somebody – and you might straight of the bat think this is insane. Let me give you two main thinking points, though thinking Point number one. He calls out hyperinflation and the possibilities for that and how how quickly things can move, and some good examples are of, for example, Hungary here, where it only took 50 hours for prices to double. When uh the crisis came around and it kind of goes on like this, where a lot of countries – indeed, let me actually show you guys.

The full list here had a lot of trouble. Oh and somebody actually has an even better list right here it just. There was a lot of trouble in Paradise for a lot of different countries. You can see here, Germany, 29.5, 000, monthly inflation and in theory, bitcoins price only needs to go up 34 x. So about like lets, say 3, 500 percent, and so from that perspective, with a dollar devaluation which weve already seen its really not that wild but lets just let that marinate for a second let that sink in together with the fact that they keep calling Bitcoin a Bubble when, in reality, all these banks are not more stable, let this sink in for a little second, you have people saying: Bitcoin will still hit ten thousand dollars this year and others calling for a hundred to a million this year. Im not too proud to say. I dont have a clue as to whats going to happen with bitcoins price, but this chart is difficult to ignore and these are the Bitcoin month or yearly returns since 20 thin. I just want you guys to quickly compare this with the banking chart that I showed you earlier Im going to put it into perspective for you 2010 or lets make it even better 27 from 2 2007 on Ford. The credit Swiss price is down 96.15 percent. If you look at the chart, its basically negative every single year, vice versa, Dora opposite with Bitcoin, because almost every single year is in the crazy green, with crazy percentages and even though, obviously, as more and more money comes into this system, its going to be harder To gain the opposite in theory is also true for how difficult it is for a currency to devalue.

The more money is inside of it, and so, if such a heavy measure or such a heavy action were to take place, the consequences of it would be vastly great as well. Anyway. You have to understand that from a macroeconomical perspective, things are just wild right. Now. Take a look at this Amazon firing: 9 000 employees a little while after they also a little while after they also filed 14 000 employees. I dont know when I remember that headline not too long ago, and I have to come in and face reality here for a second and just notice its funny. How were talking about a million freaking dollars per Bitcoin but in reality were getting stuck stuck at this. Twenty eight thousand dollar barrier, because thats literally whats happening right now guys weve hit this twenty eight thousand dollar Mark so ridiculously many times over the last couple of years, its the final barrier, its the crucial barrier, its the most important barrier. I honestly would say that the next additional barrier as big as this one is going to depend on when exactly start to pump, but its going to basically be this trend line that weve been building from 2020. all the way throughout 2022, and since that got broken, I believe thats just part of the Cycles, as it will get back above there, but at first that might be a little bit of a resistance Point. Similarly, to the 200 weekly moving average, which weve seen being resisted at multiple times before, again, depending on where we end this week, though, this could be the first confirmation candle after a breakout above the 200 weekly moving average, which sets the presidents for some crazy gains To come in the near future and again guys, the fomc meeting is tomorrow, and this could basically change everything because we could see an insane pump.

Just because of this I know it could dump as well specifically because were at this target range right now, but its such a coincidence, right now were at the toggle point for crazy games in Bitcoin or a nice little dip, and then exactly what were at that Specific toggle point the fomc meeting comes as again. We have ourselves this meeting tomorrow in one day from now, and, of course, guys Ill be live streaming again. Whoa live streaming it but also Ill be announcing a one thousand dollar giveaway during that stream. For a second, I forgot if it was a hundred or a thousand dollars its a one thousand dollar crypto giveaway Ill, be announcing it in the Stream tomorrow. So make sure that you join the stream tomorrow. I dont know the exact time, but it will be about an hour or so or about 45 minutes. I think an hour before the fomc meeting starts. I will probably be there for about two hours or so because a half an hour afterwards theres, usually a very interesting chat, and usually we watched your own Pals speak anyway. One thing thats noticeable about this right here again guys, if youre enjoying all this Insight, I try to put more and more focus into my videos. I have a new research team which caught up with the xdc situation, I sit down and try to edit better. I try to make sure its a better story. Make sure you press that like button, it is so greatly appreciated anyway.

One thing that becomes interesting is that these percentages have changed a whole lot, since I covered it a couple of days ago. Right now, the probability following uh this website, the analysts of no rate hikes is, you know about 16, whereas a 0.25 is about 83, three percent, its changed a lot from a couple of days ago, where the probability of no increase was 55 and the probability of A 0.25 was 45, so, whereas before the majority of people were thinking that nothing was going to happen, probably because of all this banking turmoil, theyre still expecting well, measures need to be taken with a strong fist and thats quite peculiar, because a little while ago, I Think somewhere earlier yesterday, not late. Yesterday, the White House said President Biden still has confidence in the Fed chair, Jerome Powell, and I guess that might be actually an actuality to offset to what were seeing right here where at first there was a lot of confidence. Their policy was already enough right now. It showcased that thats, probably not enough and Biden, then coming in to quickly say hey, you know what, regardless of what theyre doing we still support it. Yeah just know that the central bank is not sitting still guys its an extremely stressful week for them right now and theyre, going through all these thoughts. All these different meetings, all these different policies, to try to make the system not collapse and keep the dollar as liquid as possible, again whats being explored and whats being explained right now.

The FED circumvented, the debt ceiling to borrow billions for filled Banks, and this right here, the U.S, exploring measures to guarantee all Bank deposits. If the crisis grows, like I said earlier, its just massive amounts of panic right now and were honestly not too far away from just an entirely crazy collapse. Balaji has gone on the complete one side of saying: hey, Im, completely convinced its going to absolutely crash. Worse than weve, seen in 2008 and so Im betting, a million dollars, basically that it will go from twenty five thousand dollars to a million, which is basically him putting 25 000 on the line. Still, on the opposite side, he is holding this bet with James Medlock, who has to put a million dollars on the line which he did to state that within the next 90 days, Bitcoin will not hit a million dollars again. The main premise was one guy says there will be hyperinflation, things are about to get crazy and one guy saying no hyperinflation is not going to happen. We are going to save ourselves, and Balaji is just trying to back up his uh claims with a million bucks. But the main premise of what hes been saying is no, the US and the US dollar are screwed, or rather the entire bank system is screwed, but yeah thats the story for another day. Hopefully you guys all enjoyed this video.