Jai encore 50 dollars, vous offrir en partenariat avec Bing geeks, cest 50 dollars de bonus de trading, vous allez pouvoir utiliser pour pouvoir trader sur la plateforme sans aucun, dpt sans rien en fait au niveau de linscription vous inscrivez il y a pas de cration cest hyper Rapide vous avez le bonus, vous […]

I Need to Apologize to You… But Crypto YouTube Biz MUST CHANGE

One thing today were going to be talking about a business model in crypto that is so toxic that it must stop now and Im talking about the token or coin promotion business. It acts as a poison chalice passed from one bull runs influencers to the next, and I can tell you that Im […]

AAVE Crypto Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update, Price Now! Elliott Wave Price Prediction!

Something is occurring here on the chart that I find interesting so, for the larger context. Take a look at my previous RV video, but in in just quick words. I expect that we are here in this that this is a wave one yeah um, and that we are coming down next in a […]

ALGORAND Price News Today – Technical Analysis, Price Prediction, Crypto News Update

Now this video were going to be talking about algorand, and this is going to be our first time actually doing a technical analysis of algorand. So many people have asked – and now here it is so what were currently seeing with algorand right now that it had reached its 52 week low back […]

HBAR Hedera Hashgraph Crypto Price News Today – Price Prediction and Technical Analysis!

I want to make you aware here also of a possible Trend shift a possible Trend, change, nothing reliable yet, and nothing has really changed yet in terms of the idiot wave count. But I still want to make you aware of this possible change and because the trend might now be shifting from a […]

Michael Saylor – Bitcoin Is About To BLOW EVERY Crypto Away… | Bitcoin News

Its the digital transformation of money, property and energy and Paradigm shifts are so profound that youre staring at them and you dont realize they took place because your world view is constructed based upon a bunch of assumptions that youve always taken for granted. You know you could be a brilliant person, but you […]

Cosmos ATOM Crypto Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update, This is Happening Now!

I think that has been also in the last few videos the The View, especially after we really started to break out of the green Target area reversal area. Unfortunately, I myself was stopped out here, just like. I think it was just like a 20 30 difference. Annoying just shows that sometimes its better […]

Most People Don’t Realize How Big These 5 Crypto Coins Will Be…

As of this morning, Google is officially running a Solana validator. This was tweeted directly by them a few hours ago, hey co, founder of Solana. Should we tell our followers about the big news now that weve got your attention check this out, Google cloud is running a block producing Solana validator to participate […]


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