Tin tức nhanh Crypto: USDT mất mốc 1$ – Hàng loạt stablecoin lung lay

I vi th trng Qu t trong 24 gi qua vi, nhng tin, tc, ni bt, ngay sau y USD Optimus Pad khi th trng, Tip tc, gp, kh, khn, Thng Long stay, ca, coi New Life is us City, nh mt im, nail gi 1; ph s ph Sn ca ust to ra mt […]

🔥 Terra LUNA EXPLODES 6350% – Terra's NEW Plan & How Much LUNA You'll Have After Migrating! URGENT!!

I mean look. Look at this. In the space of 24 hours, terra lunas had an insane pump of 6 000. They have a new plan, guys and im gon na break down their uh, what they plan to do with the new ecosystem and how much terror you will have at the end of […]

How to Emerge From Bear Markets… Rich 💰 Why This Time It's Different! 💥

However, if youve been following this bear market video series, we know that bear markets always come to an end.., and instead of burying our heads in the sand and waiting for the next bull run, we should be taking advantage of one of the greatest gifts. These crypto winters afford us time to build […]

(Let's Play narratif) Crypto Geek [email protected]é ep3

Bon sauf que du coup ctait stait pas car quand, je djeune en fait il ya deux jours et ctait pas ma grand mre ctait une pub pour des boissons nergisantes mais, a change, rien au fait que, cest vrai hamburgers et frites runion, frier, free gteau et frites; Jadore les frites jadore lhuile jadore […]

Tin tức Crypto 24h: Toàn cảnh thị trường ngày 14-05-2022

In t ethercat Cosco, i fireball v cc trang web khc bo co; s c v, mt ca s c; hi, nht, ngi, dng, kt, ni, v, mathematics, ca, h, cuc, tn, cng, la o, nhiu, nhiu, n t mt min hin, th logo, cu, lc b du thuyn Thoi hin ti trang web lin, […]

Why Cardano Will Survive And Crush Eth And Competitors – Charles Hoskinson

Well, actually we have one of the largest around. What is catalyst? 700 million dollars ready to go deployed in a responsible manner through funds you control the community and every single time. A voting round happens. We see more participation, we see more voting and many of the great projects from nami on down […]

"Be Prepared As The Bear Market Is Almost Over" | Cathie Wood

Uh the markets are corroborating, that it seems that the fed is making a mistake. So weve seen the stock market go through a spasm. The the s p now from its peak is down 15 percent. The nasdaq from its peak is down 25 percent pure play. Innovation. Strategies like ours are down 60 […]

! WARNING ! Metaverse 100% Destroyed in the Bear Market

The bear market is here were all crying markets going down and something i think thats really important today that were going to talk about is how this bad market is going to affect metaverse projects. Web 3 and stuff, like that, i have a couple of theories but ill. Let you go first. How […]


I mercati finanziari in particolar modo i mercati the crypt valute andremo, a capire quello che sta accadendo da prezzo di coin perch in queste ore, non c tanta, volatilit, sul prezzo, ma appunto. I volumi sono molto bassi ma c su luna e cercheremo di capire, che cosa sta accadendo e appunto come gestire […]


We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today we have a lot of crazy stuff going on were going to talk about an xrp lawsuit update, a very small one, but important one uh. Nonetheless, we also have tara, luna basic tarot: tara turned into […]