Bitcoin & Crypto CPI Rejection: Watch This EXACT Price TODAY (Avoid These Mistakes!)

Youre joining me here on your home of opium, free crypto and economic market cycle updates today were updating bitcoin and cryptos lets. Look at whats happened on those charts over the last 24 hours, weve seen that small pump, the fake out the rejection. What prices are important right now and which exact price […]

Beginning Of THE END. Crypto, Bitcoin & The Economy.

Coming up. Cryptocurrency is down 75 percent. The nasdaq 34 and interest rates are going up, putting pressure on everyones pocket. So in this video im going to show you what i believe is coming up, but, more importantly, how im preparing and taking advantage of it welcome back to the channel. My name is […]

[IMPORTANT] "Crypto Tsunami Is Coming!" | Cathie Wood Latest Crypto Update On Bitcoin & Ethereum

We also have some uh information in there about uh ether, but in that report youll find one of the very positive signs. That weve surfaced is that the 200 week moving average of bitcoin remember bitcoin, peaked close to 70 000 last november, and it got down to somewhere in the 17 000 a […]


Once again – and yes, i was wrong this week – i admit it – i was 100 wrong. I really thought the bad news was gon na break down the bitcoin price even further, but the bad news is actually pumping bitcoin. So yeah lets talk about the bitcoin price. As of tuesday, um […]

IMPORTANT Warning For ALL Crypto Investors

Digital, hey, guys, welcome back to the crypto nurse channel and before we get started. Please like subscribe and comment on the video as well for more related information, and today we are just going to get right into it. So today, a prominent crypto landing platform called voyager digital is filing for bankruptcy. The […]

✅EN ESTA FECHA SE TERMINARÁ TODO😱Noticias Criptomonedas Hoy Cardano | BTC | Polkadot | Solana | ETH

Invierno sin embargo dice que si podemos conocer una fecha estimada en base al tiempo en que se tarde el cripto mercado en reestructurarse segn sanz bachman antes de que el mercado pueda recuperarse primero veremos varias fusiones, o compras agresivas de varias empresas cripto por. Lo que considera que todava nos faltan, algunos meses […]

Bitboy Crypto CLAIMS Cardano ADA Will Be DELISTED from ALL Crypto Exchanges

It is no secret that cardano has been fighting to regain control of the one dollar mark for some time now. Might this be the source of a claim that bitboy crypto stated cardano will be withdrawn from all crypto exchanges whats the deal with this keep reading till the end to learn more about […]

Crypto's Journey to The Premier League | WAGMI United

That would have hurt them well, gary doesnt matter. What the jets do we cant hold on hold on this could blow up real fast right now: Music, the garyvee audio experience, evan preston great to see you guys hope, youre well, uh super excited about our collaboration and uh. The innovations were doing in […]

Crypto Lenders in TROUBLE? Your COINS AT RISK?!

You know you know off the deep end when it comes to cryptocurrency thing, but what were going to focus on here is using apps you just download on your phone. You put your money in there. You put your dirty dollars. You put your bitty bitcoins in there. Whatever else and – and you […]


4, 000 right now has bounced off of the trend line. Im not saying were in the clear just quite yet, but this is very beautiful to watch. Similarly for xrp things are at a very interesting point right now. I actually have so much stuff to tell you guys today. So again, i want […]