Vs Crypto Crackdown – Friday Night Funkin Mod Showcase (FULL Week/HARD)

Merry christmas, oh Music attention. Attendees a has been found in the cockpit along with his girlfriend. Please be aware that he has a reputation of rap battling anything and everything, because he hes a hes, a good hes, a kid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvE-ppzGcOQ

IOTA (MIOTA) Crypto – Technical Analysis After Breakout! What´s Next?

I want to talk about iota. I did a video or i made a video on iota on the 24th of august and i said that a breakout is imminent and you can check that video on my channel if you want to but yeah pretty much now like a week later, we had that […]


Apple Delays Photo Scanning, Apple Event, iOS 15, Apple Watch 7 Late and more A lot lately regarding its csam photo scanning technology that it plans to enable with ios 15 later on now. Initially, this will not be in ios, 15 and apple has offered a new statement. Talking about even delaying it further, […]


meu novo celular: iPhone 11 ✨ branco, unboxing, 256gb e review 🤍📦 Sarah Olha que trouxe mais lindo mano Msica E, a e tchau e chocada muito lindo olha isso em comparao com, o meu, no meu maior que 8 fs a aqui na frente Olha, no tem tela esse daqui de comprar capim e […]


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: A Hater's Perspective . I love the Fold3, but the Flip series is one that I have never really been able to wrap my brain around.. I mean why go to all the effort of engineering, a folding screen. Just so that you can use a phone that fundamentally looks exactly […]


Bypass Micloud Xiomi Mi Note 2 Scorpio// Clean All Fix, Tested mi dari Redmi, Note 2 ini di bagian brand kita, cari Redmi, Note 2 Scorpio, karena, tipe, HP, ini, Redmi, Note, 2, Scorpio Oke kita akan melakukan, test point dan disinilah sudah terbaca, sebagai, Qualcomm, Oke, selanjutnya, kita, akan, melakukan factory, reset terlebih dahulu, […]

Will crypto bill end the policy grey areas? | India Development Debate

This monsoon session. All eyes were on it because it would have perhaps given us an idea of what exactly the government plans to do. So. The finance ministry and the rbi all have their views on what they want to do with cryptocurrencies. The rbi is pretty clear: theyre not interested in having something […]

Ethereum Support Sets Up For 12k (CRYPTO Profit Train Leaving the Station)

There has been gaining some serious steam with over 166 000 eath, already burned, combined with a supply shock on exchanges, celebrity hype and over a billion dollars in nft sales. Next stop four thousand dollars. Next, up after that price discovery lets get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the […]

TOP-5 Crypto GEMs With Best Potential. What To Buy? | Midas.Investments

This is the channel for those who want to build their crypto portfolio and leave of passive income. My name is anya and im midas community manager, and before we start the video, i would like to invite you to join our discord. Server click the link down below have you joined lets begin. Today […]


Okay, you have a ton of updates here, so lets begin basically were still stabilizing the screen, its still kind of going up and down. So not too many big things are happening to the price. At least but behind the scenes were having some things happen so lets continue. I want to talk about […]