I Got A New Investment! Harmony ONE but what about ICP Crypto?

I was slowly beginning to over the course of a couple weeks, but yall i am top heavy in icp. My portfolio is about 95 internet computer, so yall thats not really recommending yall, know im, not a financial advisor. I do not do not do anything that i do just because i said so. […]

SHIB Just Became The Best Selling Crypto | Shiba Inu Token Breaking News and Events Update Today

Changing well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kickstart, their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below. So what kicked this all off today is. This: is the ethereum whale just bought 150 billion? I think thats believed 150 billion […]


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CRYPTO NEWS – El Salvador BTC, Altcoin Surge, NFT Adoption

This is tony with journey crypto. This is just going to be a quick update on the crypto markets and some major news going on as well as a quick update on the nft space. We just had bitcoin break fifty two thousand dollars. We also had el salvador announce uh, they did acquire 200 […]

XRP Update: Very Bullish, Japan CRYPTO FUND Long Hold, XDC & TradeTeq in Session, QNT Continues UP

This is your cryptocurrency update from japan im. So sorry, i cant get my camera to work tonight. I worked on it for quite a lot of time and i just cant get it to work. I think i have to restart my computer, but all of my tabs are in place, so i decided […]

Crypto Weekly News: Bullish Market, Crypto Adoption & More!!

The first one is current market conditions. The second one is crypto adoption by companies and the third one is crypto adoption by countries so starting with the current market conditions. The month of august has been an incredible month for us frequent investors bitcoin raised approximately 30 percent in the last month and right […]


We also have a lot of liquidity sitting above a lot of shorts open, which is pretty bullish. So what is up welcome to the crypto formal were covering the hottest news in crypto, so includes cardinal analysis, ethereum bitcoin chain and claycorn beach and polkadot, and everything that you need to fill more into […]

XRP – Bitboy Crypto New Prediction When XRP (Ripple) Will Go To THE MOON!

Labs came onto the fintech scene with a promising arrangement to provide monetary institutions with fast minimal expense clearance of trans border money. Transfers to make it happen, the organization set up a network on which transactions sped across the globe as a cryptocurrency called xrp, which was specially created for the task. As of […]

🔥 $182 LINK🔥 Chainlink Price Prediction | LINK Analysis & Update | Crypto News Today

Token guys, as we get into this video, if you find it useful and informative, then do go ahead and hit the like button. I really do appreciate that, if you are new make sure you subscribe tap, the bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with […]

Cardano ADA Update, HODL! Crypto Is The Future! Enjoy the Ride to $7.50 – $10.00, Green Week Ahead?!

Today, guys were going to be covering a number of different topics were going to, of course, be looking at cardano on a more short term time frame and telling you where were at today were gon na look at it on a bigger timeframe and really highlight what We pointed out in yesterdays video, […]