CRO Coin Price News Today – Cronos Technical Analysis Update Now and Price Prediction!

com or chronos um yeah its been hammered down quite a lot. It is coming down very, very fast and also chronos. Here, um, i mean from an elliott wave point of view. The way i can count this, of course, you know, is that we had here a wave one two, and this here […]

Top 3 Crypto To Buy Now May 2022 (MASSIVE Potential)

, these cryptocurrencies cover meme coins, liquidity protocols, blockchains And much much more so make sure you guys leave a like and subscribe and watch all the way until the end of the video. So you dont miss any of the cryptocurrencies im about to give to you guys and the first cryptocurrency were going […]

"They Planned This Collapse…" – Charles Hoskinson Reaction To Crypto Market Crash

A war can break the globe. If people use the convenient boogie man of the week to excuse inflation or recession, when they cannot possibly be intellectually honest, that printing trillions of dollars every year out of thin air is not going to have ramifications and consequences. Music, hey guys! Welcome back to library of […]

LUNA UST: The Recovery Plan

I need your help pushing through one of these proposals. So please watch this entire video. It is extremely important also. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for the support on my last luna video im. Just so glad for this community of investors whove come together to actually help […]

Crypto Will Never Go Up Again Untill This Happen – Raoul Pal Bitcoin Ethereum Update

Then we start coming into. Okay, weve got theres a bunch of people who are trying to get um the bitcoin etf approval coming through again in may. Maybe one of those gets it. I dont thats not enough to spark the market because you know you can buy bitcoin if you want and its […]


Video were going to have a look at two projects that a lot of people are talking about at the moment and that could potentially fail go to zero. Something similar to whats happened with luna recently and ultimately were here. We want to bring awareness of these um projects and sort of talk through […]

Millions of People Will Be WIPED OUT | Chamath Palihapitiya

All of that will come to an end. Both traditional and crypto markets are showing weakness. The dow suffered its longest losing streak since 2001.. The crypto market has shown blood across the charts, with tara luna, leading the way with a shocking fall from grace, causing panic throughout the rest of the market. The […]

Litecoin HUGE News is COMING! – LTC Crypto BUY THE DIP? – Litecoin News Today

I dont. Let you guys know we do see your comments well be covering some other cryptocurrencies as well. Coming up here. You guys have been asking for a lot of different cryptos so well be covering those in the future, make sure to check us out at bitcoinbros26 on twitter. Well be talking about […]

why I sold all my crypto… i'm done.

I meet these people in real life and i say show me your crypto wallet and they say what crypto wallet whats a meta mask these people dont own any crypto themselves. They dont own bitcoin, they dont own ethereum. Maybe they own like one dollar each and they say they have a 50 50 […]


They feel can shed a light on the future price action of an asset. Bitcoin is no exception. We see many tools being created for trying to predict the price of bitcoin weve. Had lengthening cycles stock to flow and even tracking the moon cycles for a while, the stock to flow model was considered […]