EXACTLY When Bitcoin & Crypto Sentiment Will FLIP

To really let us know that the sentiment is changing from bearish to bullish. This video is for education and entertainment purposes. Only past results are not indicative of future performance. Everybody must trade and invest at their own risk and do their own research starting out with bitcoin. On the four hour chart, ive […]

HUGE BULL RUN COMING followed by a 55% CRASH, what crypto and stocks im buying and when im SELLING

Click on the link in my description for patreon, very first link and sign up only a couple more spots available, then make sure you stay tuned until the end of the video, where i go over my top five stock picks that can easily double over the next 12 to 18 months, and if […]

3 Reasons to Sell Shiba Inu!!! Dogecoin & Crypto End of Days is Here??

Is this the end of days? Is this the end for shibahino? Is this the end for dogecoin and bitcoin? Why why is everything going down were going to talk about that im going to try to explain to you what are the catalysts and what things are causing the crypto markets to go down? […]

Cardano ADA Take Off and Walmart Crypto/NFTs

We do have walmart getting into the metaverse with cryptos and nfts, and we also have cardano ada surging up 40. On the seven day we are leading up to the launch of sunday swap and uh ada will be needed for liquidity, so were going to talk about that and where i see that […]



Crypto.Com shared some recent news with us here guys they temporarily had to pause withdrawals after a small number of users reported suspicious activity on their accounts. However, they shortly updated us here that withdrawal services were restored and all funds are safe temporarily. There seemed to be a bit of a negative sentiment here […]

Prime Minister's Statement on Crypto Currency🔥 Wazirx Burn Coming | Wazirx Price Prediction

You guys got a little late, video, and so the reason for this video is because, where you guys were explained the day before yesterday, that there is a Good Possibility, you guys see a downfall from here. If it makes a good amount, it will go up and take rejections from here. Both these […]


Quindi vi: aspetto poi alla live delle, sette e dieci, un po pi compressa per, dare lo spazio appunto, a darvi successiva per ci troviamo anche l, se non siete stufi di vedermi partiamo partiamo dai tiri, un e ip 1559 sappiamo benissimo che upgrade stato london fuorch di Questestate dovarese tiro effettivamente deflazionistico in […]

Cardano ADA Just Flipped! (Mark This Crypto Date NOW)

Taking you all the way through to the peak of the major traditional markets later in the 2020s. But for now its kidana kadano is starting to move weve got it pumping to our resistance levels. Remember what we were looking at in the past videos of last week. So in this video were going […]

Crypto.com was HACKED! (Do This Now) CRO Coin Price Update

com as theyve recently been hacked. So what does that mean to the price? And what can you do if you were affected check out some of the major news announcements and, of course, the charts so before we get started hit that, like button subscribe to the channel bell notification, icon youre, really helping […]

Altseason gestart? | Crypto.com HACK | Hashrate record! | Analyse BTC/ETH/ENJ/TRX/XRP

Altseason gestart? | Crypto.com HACK | Hashrate record! | Analyse BTC/ETH/ENJ/TRX/XRP

000 dollar gaat er alcorn, precies, een zwarte en de hash, weet maakt nieuwe. All time high beginnen ook met de hash weet want ze zien tussen de bitcoin miners die zijn, verbannen, uit, china, toen kreeg, een, hele, stevige daling. En ook samen met de prijs en eigenlijk sindsdien is die. Hij zweette en […]